The Wize technology can help make cities more environmental friendly

Urban irrigation

The Wize Irrigation System Monitor has been created by AllWize to control the irrigation of parks and public gardens remotely and depending on the humidity of the soil. It is equipped with a flow and a humidity sensor and a solar panel to enable an extensive battery life.

Many cities have invested in automatic irrigation for their green spaces but they are a great source of waste of water. This solution allows them to water plants only when needed to counter any waste of water. Additionally, their solution detects leaks in real time while normally they are noticed when a great amount of water has already been wasted.

Street-lighting maintenance

AllWize has come up with a simple sensor plugged to each streetlight to automatically detect lamppost failures called the Wize Street Lighting Maintenance.

Street-lighting companies are in charge of the maintenance of lights in cities, for this they undertake rounds at night to check each lamppost and see if any is failing. They are required to act quickly for the safety of citizens. These night patrols are costly and ineffective as each light of the city has to be checked at least once a week.

With the Wize Street Lighting Maintenance solution the maintenance company can know remotely which streetlight to replace for more efficiency and safety.

Street-lighting control

The  Wize Street Lighting Monitor from AllWize is installed on lampposts to control on and off times of streetlights, to apply dimming schedules depending on the natural light. This system also works with LED lights which consume less energy than typical lights.

Cities’ streetlights account for a great part of the cities’ electricity bills (around 40%) and in many cases some are on during the day engendering a lot of electricity waste. Often, streetlights are not controlled depending on the actual natural light, being on are the wrong moment of the day or at full power when there is almost no traffic.

That is why the Wize Street Lighting Monitor is a much more pragmatic monitoring of the streetlights which reduces the electricity bill of cities and counter energy waste.