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“Cryoegg” Placed Under Greenland Ice Sheet To Study The Water Movement Under Glaciers!

30 August 2019

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Communiqué de presse Kinéis 2019

24 July 2019

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Be Wize IoT Challenge SIDO 19

10 April 2019

Hackathon co-organised by Wize Alliance and AllWize at the SIDO in Lyon

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Maddy Keynote

31 January 2019

GRDF and Allwize presentation at Maddy Keynote 2019 conference

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Hackathon WIZE at the IOT Solutions World Congress Barcelona

17 October 2018

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Discover Wize Alliance in Paris

23 May 2018

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Wize Alliance is mentionned in the Agrion and Wavestone's White Paper about Industrial IoT

12 December 2017

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Wize Alliance 1st members' meeting in Paris

19 May 2017

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Official Wize Alliance in Paris

23 March 2017

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Wize Alliance launch press release

23 March 2017

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