Explore the full potential of Wize technology

Wize Alliance is an open and non-profit  association that promotes an international standard for the Industrial Internet of Things. The organization brings together major international players from the industrial and utility sectors to support the implementation of Long Range Wide Area Network technology called Wize


Driven by utilities and industry leaders operating millions of connected objects

Due to the expertise and business of its founding members, SUEZ, Sagemcom and GRDF, wireless metering of water and gas is the starting point of the alliance.

Networks using Wize technology connect over 4,5 million objects worldwide and continue to expand, particularly through the roll-out of 11 million GRDF’s smart gas meters. Various use cases have already been implemented at an industrial scale such as energy or water smart metering (AMR), waste collection, air monitoring, etc...

Already proven all over the world, ambitions of Wize Alliance are to secure the durability and the sustainability of Wize technology through export and new markets.

Along with the founding members, over 40 companies have already joined the Alliance

Officially launched in March 2017, the organization has already opened up to many areas. Wize Alliance’s members now include energy and water grid operators, transmission and distribution operators, equipment, semiconductor and battery manufacturers, information systems and complex industrial systems integrators, security experts, academics, wireless technology experts and start-ups.

The Wize Alliance is an essential step to ensure the durability of the technology developed by GRDF within the Smart Gas Meter Project. It will ensure the technology’s sustainability within an open and accessible framework for all.

Jean Lemaistre, Deputy CEO at GRDF and President of Wize Alliance

The digital is at the heart of the smart city to offer a balance between growth, quality of life and resources protection. Hence, the Wize Alliance, as a sustainable, global, robust and easy to deploy technology, provides a solution to the new urban challenges.

Pierre Andrade, Deputy CEO of Water France at SUEZ and Secretary of Wize Alliance

Thanks to Wize technology, Sagemcom Group will support its customers to meet the new smart metering needs. The creation of this alliance, supported by some of the gas and water world leaders, will allow the international development of this technology.

Eric Rieul, CEO for Sagemcom Group, Treasury of Wize Alliance