Wize Call for Projects Closed!

The winners of the Wize Call for Projects are: HydrelisEnless Wireless and Alciom.


Hydrelis, specialist in water management and water leakage detection in buildings, has designed and is selling a range of water breaker products. Entering new markets, wanting to improve performance and reduce its solution’s cost, Hydrelis has decided to connect its existing range of products to Wize.

Hydrelis is currently developing a new project named Deckflow which will replace Hydrelis core products and will permit Hydrelis to have only one firmware and electronic hardware. This project will help Hydrelis integrate new IoT solutions, the quickest and cheapest way possible. Hydrelis has chosen to add the Wize connectivity to its project.

Wize connection will solve those issues:

  • Wize communication networks will facilitate the deployment of Hydrelis solution on large scale in urban environment. 
  • Standardization will facilitate internationalization of the solutions.
  • Wize is supporting low energy consumption and strong and secured bi-directional connectivity.
  • Interoperability of Wize system will extend our network of partnership and access to new markets.
  • Wize deployment will emphasize large deployment and interest for partnership, it will drive large volume of installed solutions. 

Project duration: 8 months
Collaborator: Hydrelis (100%)

Enless Wireless

Enless Wireless is developing a complete range of Wize transmitter dedicated to Building Energy Efficiency and Comfort in collaboration with Radiocrafts and Bordeaux Métropole Energies both also members of the Wize Alliance.

Enless Wireless has chosen Wize because the technology is particularly well adapted to the management of building. The new Wize range of product will be autonomous for 10 years and information sent to the Wize gateway will be delivered securely. 

The range of products will be developed for the tertiary sector (offices, apartments), and will include 3 ambiant Wize transmitters dedicated to indoor building monitoring applications for energy efficiency and comfort measuring temperature, humidity and the air quality (VOC*/CO2); and also 4 robust Wize transmitters dedicated to indoor/outdoor applications monitoring temperature with 4/20 mA sensors and status applications.

Project duration: 8 months
Collaborators: Enless (90%) Bordeaux Metropole Energie (5%) Radiocrafts (5%)


Alciom will develop a high-performance Wize module called Wiz’Up, based on a simplified version of the existing reference design. Wiz’Up will be open-source, free of use model, as well as selling off-the-shelf assembled module’s. Alciom will also develop and sell an evaluation platform.

For this call for project, Alciom will support as a first application a company planning to develop a new use case for Wize: Cathodic protection.
Wiz'up acts as a technology enabler for the full Wize ecosystem.

Project duration: 7 months
Collaborator: Alciom (100%)