10 years' feedback on Wize technology for smart water usage

Since 2005, Suez develops and deploys smart water meters for its municipal, industrial and tertiary customers. In 2016, building on this experience and on its three million connected smart water meters, the worldwide utility has introduced a new generation of smart metering solutions operating on the 169 Mhz long-range Wize technology.

The choice of this technology was based on the specific technical and performance requirements that are determining factors to meet the needs of the water industry. Thanks to this IoT solution, Suez designs new services within the water management sector. More broadly, this technology enables the Group to support smart city projects while promoting a more responsible consumption of resources.

Visuel use case water

Customers moving from a billing relationship to an exchange for a more sustainable water consumption

• No more meter reading appointment and billing based on actual consumption
• Access to daily water consumption online
• Receive Email or SMS alerts in case of leaks or excessive consumption
• Monitor energy costs through the follow up of expenses regarding hot water for sanitary use

Water utilities improve the performance of public water service

• Manage revenues through real-time monitoring of delivered water volumes
• Highlight consumption and metering anomalies (leaks, backflow)
• Reduce customer litigations (invoices, fraud, tax relief)
• Challenge leak detection on the network and improve global water network performance

Municipalities take advantage of water data management for economic and environmental benefits

• Increase and adjust billing frequency with seasonal or social pricing 
• Control multifluid consumptions in municipal buildings 
• Fulfill commitments to protect water resources
• Monitor the occupancy rate of housing and analyze activity in tourist or economic area